I highly recommend Chris. I’ve been using him for years!!


Chris is the best in his field! His work is impeccable. I recommend him to family and friends all over the country.


This guy is the Best!! He had been my go-to guy for 10+ years. His knowledge is amazing. Give him a call!


Chris is like no other. He is so incredible it’s mind boggling! I have referred Chris numerous times and everyone is amazed with skill and knowledge. Tech support, computer issues you name it. He is a true wizard for sure!


Chris is absolutely the best! I have referred him and she was absolutely thrilled. He helped me with my Apple desktop and which one to purchase. Ring doorbell and side yard camera and TV. We thought we needed to buy a new TV…nope, Chris to the rescue!!


Chris is the most amazing computer tech guy I know. He has helped me and pretty much everyone close to me with literally anything computer related across the board for decades now. If I ever have a computer problem, I reach out to him and he is there ready to help. The issues are usually resolved really quickly, and my questions answered in detail, in a way that I feel that through the years he has completely educated me in this area. This has encouraged me to feel more confident exploring. Although, if the problem isn’t easily resolvable, he is in for the long haul and will follow through to the end, explaining in detail the dynamics of the system as he goes. He also can work remotely on your computers. Many times he fixes ours in Ohio when he is in California, or he can just walk you through what you need to do over the phone. He is a tech life saver! If you are ever in need of technical support I would highly recommend him!


Chris is amazing! He has helped me and my family and friends countless times with our tech issues!