My name is Chris, and I’ve been fixing computers and tech gadgets for years. I’m your friendly neighborhood tech support expert, and I’m here to make your life easier. Whether you’re struggling with computer issues, setting up WiFi, or need guidance on purchasing the right tech, I’ve got your back!

Some of many Services:

Computer maintenance/ tune up $75-$100

Usually can take 1-4 hours.

This is the best deal as many of the common issues can be resolved just from a clean up, updates, and updated settings.
Includes updates, my custom settings and ensure hard drive is clean and running smooth and snappy, check printers, check for malware and other junkware, this generally speeds up computer and gets you to working order.

Upgrades and hardware recommended upgrades are extra projects that are discussed.

Computer hard drive upgrade to SSD $150-$200

This is a computer upgrade and on most occasions includes the above computer maintenance so it’s a great deal.

Computer upgrade $200

New computer or restore an old computer.
Help picking and choosing a new computer, purchasing and arranging pickup and drop off. Setup and install default applications and settings, Restore data and other misc items. Install a printer and office are included.

Printer install

From new in a box is usually $75
But if already setup on network may be $50
Can depend on printer model and time.

*New Services:

Scan/Convert 35mm Slides negatives or positives to digital files/photos,
enhance, and rotate or crop if needed  $75/hr or discuss project cost

As your technology consultant, I prioritize your interests and data security. Unlike other services, I won’t wipe your data; I’ll protect it while achieving your desired results. I’ve worked with celebs, big corporations, mom and pop shops, and individuals, earning the nickname “the wizard” from many satisfied clients.

Macs, PCs, websites, software, hardware, AV equipment, routers, WiFi, mobile phones – I’ve mastered it all! You won’t find another tech guru like me. My goal is to fix your tech problems at a fair price and help you discover new possibilities you never knew existed.

Learning is essential, and I’m here to teach you valuable tech skills while saving you money. My commitment to providing friendly, fair-priced services sets me apart from the rest.

Give me a call to experience the best in tech support. Don’t let tech troubles hold you back – let’s conquer them together!