Solid State Hard Drives or SSD are the new standard in data storage. They are fast, efficient, and durable. They have no moving parts and can increase your old computer’s speed by up to 10x! This reduces long term wear and tear, and provides many benefits.

Traditional Hard drives typically last anywhere between 3-7 years, and that’s being generous. The reason being is that your common hard drive has a magnetic platter that spins at a very high speed. It’s much like a record player with a spinning record and needle to read the grooves. A hard drive contains many magnetic platters, stacked vertically, and has a needle like part called a head to read the magnetic data, and it has a few of them. These drives must spin up, spin down, and keep spinning in your computer or as you take your laptop too and fro. These parts get work down over time and do not act as they did when new.

There is a new hard drive in town though, the SSD or Solid State Drive. What that means is there are no more moving parts. This reduces long term wear and tear, and provides many benefits. SSDs use less power, so they save battery life in a laptop, they create less heat, conserving more energy in your laptop or desktop, and they have no moving parts causing delays, so they are extremely fast compared to what we have been using for the past 30 Years. SSDs use chips like your flash drive or iPhone. They can read and write data at speeds beyond magnetic data. With no moving parts they are more durable and shock proof as well, meaning when they get hit hard they dont break like traditional drives, causing data loss from a laptop being dropped, or something similar.

All in all, SSDs are the new norm. Prices are getting better, and storage capacities are getting larger. Very soon the price per GB will surpass traditional drives and SSDs will be as cheap and easy to install as our old hard drives. SSDs also come in many form factors and most are to replace your current drive, but if you have a computer with an M.2 slot or one of the higher bandwidth ports, SSD is your ultimate choice for speed.