Remote Software

Now more than ever people are needing to work from home. If you need help getting setup please give me a call.

If you would like to try yourself there are lots of options out there.

If you absolutely need to access a computer at another location that has access to something you cannot login to over the internet like Quickbooks, or an internal server of files, or a special program only on a work computer, then you can use an option below.

Teamviewer – 

Although this software is not free it is the best out there, you can however use it for free for home use, so if your computer isn’t obviously part of a work network and chances are it is not, you can try to use this software. they have been cracking down on free usage and i am sure even more so now, but if you just download the teamviewer software to your work computer and install it, and skip creating an account, just setup an “unattended” password and that’s it. once installed you will get a screen with a 10 digit ID number and a revolving password, (but if you set unattended password that works in addition to the revolving password, so you can always login from outside the office) write down the ID number and the unattended password you created and go home.

then at home install the same software, here you can skip setting a password and skip creating an account. go to the same screen with the ID numbers and unattended password you set from the office and click login. It should then log you into your work computer. voila!


RDP or VNC  or RDP built into Windows

if you own the work network and are able to make changes to your router, then using RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) or VNC can save cost and often work much faster than alternatives.


GoToMyPC or LogMeIn –

I believe these are both the same company these days but one of the easiest pay for plans to setup remote access is GoToMyPC. purchase a licnce on theire website, install on the work computer, then at home login to your account at and then login to your work computer. you can also add a desktop shortcut for quick one click remote login as well.

whichever you use if you need help, contact me.

If you only need to access particular websites and email accounts, many can be setup on a home computer without needing to access a work computer. Feel free to call me to discuss your needs for working from home to help everyone avoid spreading the corona virus.



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