Your computer, phone, and any device that uses the internet uses DNS. DNS stands for domain naming system. Basically it’s the yellow pages for the internet. But there are many phone books to look up numbers in, and the same goes for DNS. Typically, when you get internet at your home, let’s say spectrum, when you type in a website to go to on your computer it will check with spectrums DNS which is the default if you did not change it. This is the most common setup as most users end up using the DNS of their ISP or internet provider. Most of the time ISP DNS is okay, but at times it can be slow, or worse outdated. Nothing worse than calling a number in he yellow pages only to find it has been disconnected or out of business. Well, good news, you can change your DNS at anytime, either on your computer, or even on your router so hat all of your devices can use it. There are many DNS providers out there as well, but most geeks will tell you about the top 3-5.

Number 1:   Cloudflare DNS

This one is very new but has already become one of the fastest and most popular DNS servers out there and is attempting to become the best and only. When I say , fastest I mean the time it takes your computer to look up what you typed figure out where you meant to go, and take you there. This all happens quickly but we have all seen slow webpages and slow load times and this helps speed that up. Cloudflare DNS is cloudflares New public DNS server, it’s DNS server is so it is quite easy to remember. Cloudflare is a collective of servers hosting a majority of internet sites around the world. They have many servers so redundancy and locations is their strongpoint.

If any go down there is another to pick up the slack, where some DNS servers are only located in a few servers.

Cloudflare DNS is fast and constantly updated so it is one of he Best to use at the moment.

Number 2: Open DNS

Open DNS has been the king for a while. They provide free open public DNS and also offer DNS servers for safe browsing so if you have kids in the home it can pre-block most of the bad internet for you automatically, keeping you very sad on the Internet. Open DNS is one of he castes and safest DNS out their and I have been using for over a decade. Cloudflare is slowly surpassing it though, but cloudflare does not have child safe servers to my knowledge. Their server IPs are and and they have the child ones under another IP.

Number 3: Verizon

Verizon actually has super fast DNS servers and has for years. They may not be as up do date as the other DNS servers that strictly provide DNS as they handle many many things at Verizon. But they have a huge footprint on the Internet and they can get you to the right place quickly. They offer DNS for public as well at IPs,, all the way to and others as well.

Number 4: Google

Who else can find a web page better than google? Let’s say you are in your computer and you mistype a website when trying to visit, for example you typed this would be incorrect and you would see some kind of page perhaps with search results relating to something close that you typed, like the correct one. When you have DNS, when it can’t find a phone number in the book, t will tell you. If you have Spectrum DNS you will see a funky Spectrum search page upon typo. But google is great at figuring your what you mistyped and what you meant to type. So if you use google DNS anytime you goof up, it google searches it for you and has a better chance of finding what you meant to find. Google also has relatively easy to remember IPs at

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