If you have an iPhone 6 or higher you may have noticed there is another iOS update (that little red dot by your settings app) iOS 10.3.1

This is a BIG update!

This update will not only update your OS, it is going to change the file system!

This has not been done in years for computers and never on the iPhone. It’s like formatting a flash drive or hard drive, file systems are why macs and PCs could not talk to each other for years!

Anyway it may sound scary and it can be. But don’t fear, there is only one thing I ask you to do before the upgrade…BACKUP! As always I recommend you backup your iPhone before upgrading, or call me and I can help. If you must, backing up to iCloud will be ok, but if you know me, that is not good enough. To really backup your iPhone you need to connect to a computer.

If you want to do it on your own follow these steps:

You will need:

  • Your iPhone
  • Your computer
  • an iPhone cable


  • Check C/ main hard drive that you have enough free space 20-200gb depending on your phone size.
  • Open iTunes and if it needs to update, then click yes and let iTunes update itself. Now that iTunes is up to date you’re ready to backup your phone.

Unlock your phone and plug it into the computer.

Tap yes “trust this computer” on your phone if it asks.

Open iTunes if not open already, if it asks to update your phone, click “download only” don’t worry it won’t update yet.

You should see your iPhone pop up

If not you may see an iPhone icon near top left after music, click that and choose your iPhone

(This is a great chance to rename your iPhone if you want)

Click the bubble to change backups to backup to “my computer” instead of iCloud.

Then check the box for “encrypt my backup”, here we are setting a pin / password for your iPhone backup, it’s a good idea to simply use the same pin you use to unlock your phone, otherwise write it down, you only need if you need to restore or if it goes wrong.

After inputting the pin code the iPhone will begin backing up. Feel free to go make some coffee or something while it is backing up as it may take some time depending on how much space is on your phone.

Once the backup is complete feel free to click the “upgrade” button. iTunes will download the update if it hasn’t already, and. Shin updating your iPhone. At this point do not unplug your iPhone from the computer. Wait until it is done. iTunes will say the iPhone update is complete first. You can unplug at this point, but typically I still leave the iPhone plugged in until it boots back up completely into the new OS. Once you see the phone say hello in multiple languages you can unplug your phone. iTunes may say that it would like to update your phone while it is updating, if so just close it.

Your phone is now updates to iOS 10.3.1. Once you unlock from the “hello” screen you will need to sign into iCloud with your iCloud password. Then it may require you to setup your PIN code again, if you had a 4-digit PIN, the. Tap set password, then tap password options, tap 4 digit numeric, and then type and confirm your new/old passcode to unlock your phone. Your fingerprints should still be intact if you setup Touch ID. Everything else should be the same as before.
If you have any trouble or questions just give me a call, text, or email.

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