10. Invention of Phone numbers

Before their invention,  phone calls were made by dialing the phone service first and requesting a phone operator sitting at the other end, having various lines with different names; to connect us to the person we wanted to contact. This was all going good till it was questioned by Alexander Bell’s (the inventor of the phone himself) friend Dr. Moses. Due to the town being under the effect of the epidemic of measles, the doctor advised to initiate a new system without involving these operators as if any one of them fell ill, others would find it hard to understand the system and keep it running. Thereafter, the system of names was replaced by numbers dialed directly by the callers themselves, which still in use.

9. The very first Area code

The very first area code to be established was of New Jersey i.e 201 in 1951. Thus the area code in use till now is an advanced and evolved version of “North American Numbering” plan.

The areas were numbered according to the ratio of their population. The one having the largest was given the simplest to dial code from a rotary phone. It started with codes for 90 areas. Urban areas like New York, Los Angeles and Chicago got the codes 212, 213 and 312 and such whereas more rural areas were coded with codes as 915, 913 etc.

8. The Most Expensive phone number

666-6666 was the golden number sold in Qatar in charity which boats the greatest Price, i.e. $207 million. This number has gone too far in breaking away previous record which was held by 888-8888 sold in China for $280,000.

7. Apple related to 888-8888

It is said about the Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak that he had a thing for repetitive digits, it was because his fondness for such numbers that he sold Apple I for $666.66. Yeah, you guess right, the second expensive number was owned by none other than him, as the legend has it.

The number is quite cool but the only drawback was the hundreds of prank calls it received every day. Most of them weren’t malicious but dialed by some naughty and excited children, but it must have taken its toll him.

6. Emergency Numbers

Different countries have different emergency numbers. 911 is the standard emergency number followed in U.S. it was first pronounced as “nine eleven” but to clear the confusion of many users who searched for the “11” key on the dialer, it was changed to “nine one one”.

In U.K the number is “nine nine nine” whereas Europe one needs to dial 112 in emergency.

Before the system of one number for emergency calls was introduced, people used to call the operators to direct them to the relevant emergency service. There are some fire services in U.S which can also be reached by dialing “3 4 7 3” which spell “F-I-R-E”.

5. Some bucking the 555 trend

Though recommended but some of the movie making agencies have their own numbers which appear in their movies, as does Universal Studio. It one calls the number they dial in their films, it just rings and rings.

One of the movies had to face trouble for using a real phone number (supposedly belonging to God). They had changed the number the DVD version of the movie.

4. Numbers and Codes set aside for Fictional purposes

Many of us would have tried to dial the numbers our favorite T.V or movie characters dial while acting some scenes. But to your surprise, those numbers are specially generated for these fictional purposes.

“KL” exchange was the very first phone exchange which was used to generate such numbers for American movies. Currently the prefix “555” is being used in U.S to set aside numbers for purely fictional purposes. In U.K the code 01632 is used for such purposes but it also provides non-working suggestion for some other cities.

3. Phone Numbers in Music

Like movies, numbers are also used in songs, but they haven’t been set aside for this purpose especially.

The very famous of all is the one which appeared in Glenn Miller’s Pennsylvania 6-5000 which is still in use by the hotel mentioned in the song. The Hotel Pennsylvania (whose number was used) still boasts to have the number which has been in the longest continuous use.

It annoys all those who have the same number with different code as it appeared in a song; the number is 867-5309 and it belongs to Tommy Tutone. A very recent addition to this list was the number Alicia Keys claimed to be hers’ in her song Diary, after which many of her fans attempted to give her a call.

2. Phone number magic Trick

The trick is self-explanatory, give it try and impress your peers. The trick goes as follows:

Take a seven-digit phone number, for example, 941-7990. Multiply the first three digits by 80. Add one. Multiply by 250. Add the last four digits of the original phone number. Add the last four digits again. Subtract 250 and divide by two.

Maths is so miraculous at times isn’t it?? icon wink Top 10 Fascinating Facts You Might Not Know About Phone Numbers

1. Personalized Phone words: How to find one for you?

As the number spelling “F-I-R-E” is used to call fire brigades, chances are that your number might have a similar phone word combination too. To find out what it actually is, you can avail the services of “PhoneSpell”. Along with being interesting they may be useful in making you remember different numbers.

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