2016-17 File Server Build

Today’s project was to build a new file server. The parts are fairly high end for the job but I like to have more than enough power and space to upgrade in the future. This machine will probably be sitting in a corner for a few years at least.

The parts:

Got everything, laid it out, very exciting.

The case was gorgeous! I have used some budget Fractal designs cases and have been happy with them. I use a few good cases in my arsenal and this one has not only been added, but has moved up in my list of top cases.

It is a full size supporting full ATX, so lots of room. It has 2 5.25″ bays, and like 8 standard 3.5″ HD bays painted white, Under the motherboard on the opposite side is 2 SSD drive bays in white to match, a white rear fan, white pci slot blanks, bottom mounted power supply (PS is seperate) and lots of rubber grommets allowing cable management control to get a clean and tidy build.

The only issue I had was he cable in the power supply had a hard time feeding through the top slimmer grommet, but it was easily pushed through after removing and re adding the grommet, then the cable was just long enough to make it.

The CPU fan went on in a snap, I install Cooler Master 212 EVOs all the time though so I know them well, they are my go to CPU fan.

Then got the MB and everything else installed and mounted. The ram got lost in the mail so I am waiting on it, but here is what we have so far:


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