IFTTT for iPhone - Intro Screen 01

I found a great new app a while back and forgot to look into it further. That was a mistake. This app  can help simplify many tasks that you didn’t even know you wanted to happen. IFTTT revolves around triggers of “if this” “then do that” it is a very simple concept but can be setup do do very complex tasks. For example, your phone is in your pocket and knows exactly where you are, your phone also knows the weather, you can setup a “recipe” to say if it starts raining, text me that it is raining. Or if someone tags you in a photo on Facebook, email you the photo. You can work with Hardware too, if you have purchased a Google Nest, you can have it set a temperature for when you get home. You can set a grocery list to pop up when you get to the store, you can have Twitter save things to Google Drive, or if an invoice is created add that client to the newsletter on Mailchimp. There are tons of possibilities, and best of all the app is free!

Love it, but still not enough? I also found another solution but not geared towards consumers as much, but rather developers and the more advanced connections. Zapier fills this gap. Zapier is an online middleman per say that helps build a bridge between some of the service you may use. Most our more for business but can be very powerful. I have data submitted from Jotform injected through Zapier and build a PDF from the data on Winmerge. I wont go into detail but it is worth checking out especially if using wordpress, or marketing tools.



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